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Power Promo Offer

Swapfiets temporarily offers an offer on the Power 7 loyal subscriptions in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, from 14-02-2023 until the end of May. 

You can now get €10/£10 monthly discount for the first 6 months if you subscribe for a loyal Power 7 subscription. Also, you don’t have to pay the one-off fee of €39.90/£39.90  that applies to our flexible e-Bike memberships.

Who can sign up?

You can sign up if you currently don’t have a Swapfiets yet or if you currently have an active Swapfiets membership on the Original, Deluxe 7 or Power 1 bike types. Unfortunately, if you already have a Power 7 subscription, you cannot get the discount.

How can I sign up? 

If you currently don’t have a Swapfiets yet, you can sign up on our website and choose for the loyal Power 7 subscription. Our loyal subscriptions have a minimum 6 months contract period.

If you are already a Swapfiets member with either an Original, Deluxe 7 or Power 1 subscription and you want to upgrade, you can contact our helpdesk. We will make sure you can ‘swap’ your current bike for the Power 7 bike. 

In which countries is the offer available?

The ‘Power Offer’ is temporarily available only in Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

I am currently on a minimum 6 months subscription but would like to sign up. What happens to my minimum contract period?

If you sign up for the ‘Power Offer’, the remaining months from your original contract period will expire and you commit to a new minimum contract period of 6 months.

What happens if I sign up for the Power 7 and I find out I don’t like the bike? 

At Swapfiets you can easily switch between different product types. So, if you find out you don’t like the Power 7, you can easily switch to another bike type. The minimum contract period for the offer will remain if you switch to another bike type. 

What conditions apply to the ‘Power Offer’?

The regular Swapfiets terms and conditions apply and the Power Offer terms and conditions are valid. 

Note: did you register for this deal in The Netherlands between December 13, 2022 and March 31, 2023? Then instead of the Power Offer terms the Winter Offer Terms Apply.