How does the referral discount work?

You can invite your friends to get a discount for you, and your friends!

Become friends with benefits and start earning today. Share your personal code and you and your friend both receive a discount as soon as your friend picks up a Swapfiets.

This is how it works:

  1. Log in to the app, click on 'my account' and go to 'refer a friend'.
  2. Share your personal referral code with up to 15 friends. They can use the code during the sign-up process for a discount.
  3. As soon as your friend picks up their bike, they get the referral discount. The discount will be deducted from the first invoice.
  4. Once your friend has signed up, you will automatically receive an email from us. When the Swapfiets has been delivered to your friend you will receive another email confirming that your discount will be settled with your next payment. The more friends who use your discount code, the higher your discount will be. Your code can be redeemed by 15 friends.

Referral discounts per market

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How will the discount be settled?

If, for example, 5 friends sign up for Swapfiets with your personal code, you build up a discount that is higher than your monthly subscription. This means the next month(s) you won't have to pay anything for your subscription! In the following month(s), your remaining discount will be settled and you will pay the amount that is left. The more friends who use your discount code, the higher your discount will be and the more months you will be able to ride your Swapfiets for free!