A bicycle plan with employer contribution (NL)

How does a bicycle plan with an employer contribution work in the Netherlands?

As an employer, it is not mandatory to make a contribution to the monthly fee. However, if you have budget available it can definitely help to stimulate a more sustainable and healthy means of daily commute. 

Here are the most important things for you to know as an employer:
  • It is up to you as an employer to decide the total amount of the contribution per month. 
  • The remaining costs can be deducted from the employees monthly (net) salary.
  • If you pay the full monthly fee as an employer, in the Netherlands it is mandatory for the employee to pay a 7% addition fee over the book value of the bicycle. 
  • If the own contribution of the employee is higher than the addition fee, the addition fee is eliminated.
  • The tax paid over the monthly fee is deductible for you as an employer up to €749 per subscription over a period of 3 adjacent calendar years.
  • The employee may remain their mileage allowance for days in which they do not travel to work by bicycle.
  • The bicycle may also be used by the employee unlimitedly for private use.