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Open job position at the Customer Service

Want to work for our Customer Service in Amsterdam?

Molukkenstraat 200, 1098 TW
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Compensation: 2489,00 €/month

Your day to day at Swapfiets! 🚲

As the primary point of contact for our customers, you are responsible for addressing their concerns and providing them with assistance. Whether it's through phone or WhatsApp, you are the voice behind our company's customer service. Your goal is to resolve any issues our customers may have, ensuring that they can continue to use our services without any worries. You are always one step ahead, proactively offering assistance before our customers even ask for it.

As a valuable member of a large team, and despite the high volume of inquiries, you easily handle them with your experience and knowledge. You also support the growth and development of your colleagues by sharing your expertise.

In addition, you maintain accurate documentation of all relevant information, including customer agreements and internal knowledge base information. If you notice areas where our customer service could be improved, you are proactive in suggesting solutions and collaborating with the team to implement them.

Your profile:

  • You are able to work from Amsterdam at our Headquarters
  • You possess fluency in Dutch and able to communicate in English, enabling effective communication within your market!
  • Helping others makes you intensely happy. You are already happy when you show someone the way on the street
  • While you are reading this, you are already applying. Multitasking is not an issue for you
  • "Problems"? No way, you only see solutions
  • You like to chat with everyone!
  • Experience in a similar role (customer service, customer care or support, etc) is a plus

What Swapfiets offers you:

  • Your own Swapfiets (lend-lease) 🚲
  • A pension plan and a discount on your health insurance
  • Lots of responsibility, challenging work, and friendly colleagues
  • Travel allowance (if you live more than 11 km away from the office, otherwise you’ll just use your Swapfiets, right..?) 
  • Delicious lunch at the office for a small contribution
  • Onefit for Business arrangement, to promote your healthy lifestyle!
  • Learning programs developed by our Learning & Development department
  • Workshops and inspirational talks
  • One day off per year to do voluntary work paid by Swapfiets

Are you joining our ride? Then your growth path could look like this:

At Swapfiets, we not only think a sustainable footprint is important, but also a sustainable career for our colleagues. You can participate in our professional track or leadership track where you, develop into senior/master, managerial positions or specialist positions within our operation. We offer you the opportunity to develop further within our organization in the direction that suits you! 💪