How to park your bike in Amsterdam

Biking rules for Amsterdam.

Amsterdammers love cycling, but the space in the city is limited. That is why it is important to adhere to the bicycle parking rules of the City of Amsterdam. Complying with the rules prevents the municipality from taking away your Swapfiets and additional costs.

How do I park my bicycle?
Amsterdam has strict rules when it comes to parking your bicycle.

  • Always place the bicycle in a designated bicycle zone or rack. Take extra care when you park near train stations, nightlife areas and the ‘Rode Loper’ ('Central Station' to 'the Pijp')
  • Always lock your bike with the double lock. This prevents bicycle theft and possibly a surcharge if the bicycle was locked with just one lock.

What happens if I don’t park my bicycle the correct way in Amsterdam?

If you don’t park your Swapfiets in the right way then the Amsterdam municipality might remove your bicycle. Your bike will end up at the bicycle depot ('Fietsdepot'). In this case, additional costs apply. 

How will I get my bicycle back from the bicycle depot in Amsterdam?

If your Swapfiets nevertheless ends up in the depot, we will of course be happy to help you to retrieve your bicycle. 

  • We will inform you that your Swapfiets is located at the bicycle depot by email. 
  • You get the choice to pick up the bike yourself or have it delivered by the municipality. 
  • A delivery appointment with the municipality can be made via, check Fietsdepot - Gemeente Amsterdam
  • You can also choose to have your bike delivered via Swapfiets, but this entails extra costs.

Options and associated costs for a removed Swapfiets are:

  • Pick up your Swapfiets yourself at the bicycle depot: €22,50
  • Delivery by the municipality: €35,00
  • Collection from the Depot by Swapfiets: €60,00