What kind of subscriptions does Swapfiets offer?

If you are looking for information about our subscriptions, have a look on our website. Search for the closest service area and find the subscriptions we offer!

We have two options: 

A monthly subscription. This can be terminated on a monthly basis, with one months notice. If you choose this option we will charge a one-off fee when you sign up.

These costs can depend on the region, and are specified when during the registration. They will be charged together with your first monthly payment.

A 6 month subscription. When you know that you will be using Swapfiets for a longer period. When you choose this subscription we will not charge a one-off fee.

After 6 your subscription can be cancelled monthly.


Tip: For riders exceeding 1000 km/month or using the bike commercially for deliveries, heavy user subscription is available. If no longer riding as much, we can switch you back to a regular subscription.