How do I re-register for Swapfiets?

Follow the steps below and enjoy your worry-free ride at Swapfiets again in no time.

How nice to have you back at Swapfiets! Follow these steps:

  1. Visit Select your city and preferred bike type. Note that your previous membership won't be automatically selected, so please choose accordingly.
  2. Sign on: Select the ideal membership for you: flexible or loyal. A flexible membership incurs a one-time fee, regardless of prior payments.
  3. Make an appointment: You can choose to pick up your bike in the store or have your bike delivered to your location of choice.

Yay! Now you can enjoy your worry-free ride again. If something doesn’t seem right with your bike, schedule an appointment through the app! You can get it fixed at the store within 10 minutes, or let us come to you. 

Note: in case you sign up for a Swapfiets in another country than you previously had your membership in, you might get an error message.

Reach out to our helpdesk if this happens. They are more than happy to help you out.