Can Swapfiets track the location of my bike?

No, we are not able to track your location or see your location history. We can only track a bike in cases of high outstanding debt or when it's been reported missing.

My bike got stolen. Do I get my money back if you find it?

No, as you may understand there are logistics & operational costs for us in the event of theft. This is your own risk/deductible.

Only a limited number of our bikes has a tracker and/or is found back. To keep things fair for our members, we don’t differentiate between theft costs for tracked and untracked bikes. This means we can’t offer refunds for retrieved bikes.

As we understand this may be frustrating, we ask you to consider these terms (article 11.3 and appendix  III F/G) before starting your subscription. Always remember to double lock your bike and take out the battery to avoid unnecessary charges. 

Can Swapfiets track how many kilometers I ride?

We may use tracking/kilometer data to enforce commercial subscriptions for members who ride more than 1000 kms a month..

Is tracking in line with GDPR regulations?

Yes. All data is stored in line with GDPR regulations. No historical data will be visible to Swapfiets. 

For more information, check out our privacy policy.