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Where does Swapfiets offer Service?

When we talk about a service area, we mean the entire area in which Swapfiets operates. In this area, we deliver, repair, and swap.

In some cases, our service area doesn’t meet the exact limits of the city. This might happen in case we’re new in a certain city or when a city is particularly big. Please do know we’re always working on expanding our field.



What does it mean to live within a service area?

If you live inside of one our service areas we are able to deliver your Swapfiets to your house. We can also come over if you need a repair or need to swap your bike for another one. There is also the option to drop by one of our stores or schedule an appointment.

What consequences will it bring if I live outside of the service area?

You can still ride a Swapfiets if you don’t live inside of our service areas. We can’t come to your house for delivery, repairs, or swaps though. However, you can always drop by our store if needed. And, we can always make an appointment near the boundaries of our service area at your location of choice.

Does this mean the promised service is only available if I live in a service area?

That’s partly true. If you don’t live in one of our service areas, we can’t come to your house to hand over your Swapfiets or fix your bike. You can always book an appointment at a location chosen by you that falls within our service area. This way, you will still get the service you need within 48 hours. It is also an option to make an appointment in one of our stores - or to just drop by.