Theft coverage

For a complete worry free ride you can add theft coverage to your subscription, we will cover part of the costs if your product gets lost.

Note: Currently we only offer additional theft coverage in Hamburg, Berlin, London & Paris.


What is theft coverage?

For £9.90/€9.90 per month on top of your subscription costs you can add theft coverage to your subscription and we  will cover up to 95% of the costs if your bike gets stolen. Learn more about our theft surcharges.

By adding theft coverage to your Swapfiets e-bike subscription, your costs in case of a stolen or lost product will decrease.

What are the charges with theft coverage? 

  Power 1  Power 7
Lost battery £75 - €75 £75 - €75
Lost bike £75 - €75 £75 - €75
Lost bike and battery £150 - €150 £150 - €150
Lost bike, battery, and keys £1000- €1000 £1000 - €1000

How can I add theft coverage to my subscription?

Simply contact our customer service. We will arrange an appointment in store or on location.

Can I add or remove theft coverage at any time?
Yes you can. This can be requested by contacting our customer service. If you wish to sign-on halfway through a month, your first payment will take place at the beginning of the next month together with your regular subscription costs.

Note: You will also be charged for the days of the previous month. This applies even if you decide to opt out of coverage, which you can do at any time. If you have already paid for the full month, we will recalculate any excess amount and adjust it on your next invoice.

Will I still be covered if I use my bike in another city?
You will be covered, do keep in mind this city may not be able to offer service if the bike is not available there.